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The Untold Series Features biblical heirs, living in our modern day world. they walk amond the normal undetected, hiding their true identities. Some us their supernatural powers for good, while others are evel to their core. New battles of epic proprotion develop when the stories of the Bible clashes with life as we know it today. Wealth, power, and lover are not the only things at risk.

Author Bio

I wrote short stories as a pre-teen. It was something I'd like to do during my free time. Then life happened. I grew up, had to get a job. Before I knew it, I was a mom. The passion I had for storytelling slowly faded into the background of my life.

From 1995 through 2016 I owned and operated an IT company. My left brain was in heavy rotation for over 20 years while my right brain slept. I call that my hustle phase. But I quickly hit a wall. Working as an IT professional was what I did for money. It paid the bills, fed my child, and brought me a few things in the want category. But all things must come to an end.

I looked up in my early forties to an empty nest. The drive to hustle was almost unrecognizable. Then something strange happened. My right brain woke up and took over my dreams. I secretly wanted to write again, but I still had bills to pay, so a lifestyle change was a must.

I flipped my life upside down and downsized. First, I sold the business. Then I sold my four-bedroom home and replaced it with a two-bedroom, off-grid trailer. The property sits on 1 acre of land, and I couldnít be happier. Gone are the days of water, gas, cable television, and sewage bills. Iím currently working on a solar setup, and then the electric bill will be gone too. Retiring at 45, I know, is unheard of; but I did it.

My stress levels decreased, and once again, during my free time, writing took over. I published the first book of the bloodline series at the end of 2016. And I havenít looked back. There are four books in the bloodline series, available for purchase today.

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North East / South Atlantic
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Having an event? If your event is located in the North East or South Atlantic regions, and your're looking for a guest speaker or just something different to add to your event, considered inving the author of the Bloodline Book Series.

Y Stokes, the author is willing to travel to your events, FREE OF CHARGE.


Your Event Must Be In One Of The Following States

North East: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware.

South Atlantic: Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia.

* The host of the event must provide a designated area for book signings, which includes a table and chair.
* The Host of the event must provide "Over Night parking for two nights. This will include the night prior to the event and the night of the event. The author will be traveling in an RV. No hotel reservations are required. A safe place to park is all that is required.
* The event must be booked at least (3) three weeks in advance of the event.
* The event attendees must be more than 25 people.

The author wil provide a book display, on-hand books for purchase, and a presentation.

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Here's the booktrailer for my Bloodline Book Series

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