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YS Auxiliary Service

We provide revised and innovative data and information processing services to our client's online and offline changing technology needs while implementing cost effective off-site solutions.

  • Have you attended a conference or event where you were given a directory (list of attendees)? What did you do with them? We can build you a user-friendly database!
  • Do you need data migrated from one software application to another. YS Auxiliary specializes in migrating and mining data from one program to another.

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Data Entry

Whether from source documents (paper forms), data mining, data spreadsheets, or data migration/importing from another software application; we can output your data for easy uploading into any computer program.

Our staff is highly accurate and fast. Email us today for a free quote. Our free quote provides you with an estimated cost, and turnaround time.

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Word Processing

Whether from source documents (paper forms), data migration/importing, or tape; YS Auxiliary Service can create, editing, and/or format your output into your desired computer ready files. Our Word Processing service offers the following:

  • Spell Checking
  • Grammar Checking
  • Formatting

Our staff is highly accurate and fast. Email us today for a free quote. Our free quote provides you with an estimated cost, and turnaround time.

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Our professional staff will assist with administering, maintaining, developing, training, and implementing policies and procedures to ensure security, data integrity, and improved data flow of your company's data. Our continuing service commitment includes performance monitoring, database updating, and resolving futher growth issues.

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Completed Projects

Make your next project sparkle with a touch of innovation. Since 1997, YS Auxiliary Service has been providing its clients with revised and innovative data processing services. View the completed projects below:

  • MDSI - As a contractor for MDSI I perform data migration of 89 MS Excel files into a MS Access database created to store data for MDSI data each month. Once the data has been migrated to the Access DB I perform data normalization and calculation on all 53 fields imported from the Excel files using both MS Access queries and MS Excel macros. At the completion of each month I provide MDSI with an Excel master file via SharePoint.

  • Delaware Department Of Agiculture - As a consultant for the Dept. of Agriculture I preformed an extensive data review and produced detail analysis reports on the data that the Dept. of Agriculture collects. The reports were used to promote the expansion of the Dept of Agriculture e-Government services offered to the public. My review consisted of 13 databases from the Dept. of Agriculture. The reports showed how data collected overlapped, how to map these overlapping fields, and how these fields should be normalized to achieve department wide usage. As the consultant for this project I worked as the liaison between the following departments: GIC, Dept. of Agriculture and Delaware Interactive.

  • Delaware Public Archives - My task consisted of creating a single SQL database by migrating over 2.1 million records from varies MS Access tables and MS Excel spreadsheets. The completed SQL database incorporated an MS Access end-user interface, mapping features, and conversion scripts. At the completion of the SQL database my task included providing all database documentation, policies & procedures, and training sessions for key staff members.

  • Fireside Partners - Creation of customized Access customer database. This database included preformatted printing options, email and text messaging features to end users cell phone and email accounts. Data entry included importing data from various Excel spreadsheets.

  • Philadelphia School District - Approx. 500,000 admission forms process and uploaded into the district software program

  • Follett Software Company - Approx. 1.6 million Marc 21 records process and uploaded into their software program

  • Prof. Douglas Thomas - Completed word processing services for 3 manuscripts written by Prof. Thomas, which he submitted to his publisher. View Prof Douglas E Thomas books below: